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plastic bags

Threats of the plastic bags

Article published on March 07th 2016

Considering its composition and its use, plastic bags constitute a serious danger for the ecology and for human being.

The production of the plastic bags requires an important consumption of petroleum products, some water, and emits greenhouse gases responsible for the climate change and the whole world production of plastics has resorts to 4 % of the annual consumption of oil which is a non renewable resource. We considered that 8,7 of the plastic bags contain enough energy in oil so that an automobile can roll one kilometer.

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Eating organic

Eating organic food at lower price

Article published on March 07th 2016

Organic foods are expensive, but it is so much better for the health. Do not worry, you can eat organic without ruining yourselves, you just need to change some (bad) habits.

We hear everywhere from our surroundins that eating organic is too expensive. It is true , as the organic products are generally more expensive than others. But here are some tips for eating organic cheaper.

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wading birds

Extinction of wading birds

Article published on March 07th 2016

Scientists of the whole world raised the alarm concerning the future of the wading birds during an international congress which took part in Cadiz (Spain).

Most of the wading birds nest in the Arctic zone of the north hemisphere. They make, twice a year, long migrations which sometimes lead them to the tropical zones.

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Article published on March 07th 2016

The inland waterway transport sector faces an important challenge of meeting the elevated standards of environmental protection. Both shipping and development of waterways can have adverse environmental impacts on water quality, biodiversity, landscape and recreational values. Therefore, environmental responsibility is not limited to emissions but covers, to a great extent, aspects of nature conservation and water management. The approaches towards environmental protection in inland waterway transport development vary across Europe.

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