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How to introduce Sex toys in a couple ?

Article published on March 7th 2016

Women often use sex toys when they are single or when they are not sexually satisfied. Although they generally use sex toys for a solitary masturbation, introducing its use to your partner would be more enjoyable. Because, using them with your partner could spice up your sex life. But how to get into it?

Would you like to use sex toys with your partner but do not know how to introduce them into your relation ? First of all, do you feel comfortable with your partner ? If you answered yes, but you do not know what would be your partner's reaction, here are some advices to set up ideas and to start a new adventure together.

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satisfy a woman

10 tips to satisfy a woman sexually

Article publié le 07 Mars 2016

Do you want to learn how to impress a woman in bed? This article will teach you where and how to concentrate your attention while you make love, how could your partner be in seventh heaven and beyond it.

Help her relax

The first thing to do for a woman to take pleasure in bed is to do your best to reduce her stress. It is simply more difficult for a woman to take pleasure when stressed

You can for example massage her back. She will appreciate quite particularly if you use oil of massage and some perfumed candles.

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What to do to make a "no" become a "yes" ?

Article published on March 7th 2016

A "no" answer means "no", only idiots and psychopaths think of the opposite. However, a "no" answer does not mean that you have to give up it for ever, here are some advice which will help you to change a "no" to a "yes".

Be relaxed !

You cannot simply be shocked, offended, disappointed simply or even angry, if you bring a girl at your home and if in the end, she says that she does not want to make love with you. Even if because of this you have missed the most beautiful evening of your life ; or that took your time to join her. It has no importance.

If you are anything but calm, she will think that whether you do not have any experiences with women,or you have already lived such a situation. Or if you seem to be angry, it will show that you are frustrated. Remember that women love men who are already engaged or loved by other women ; that is what we call a pre-selection. And all their interferences are the opposite of that pre-selection if you do not react properly to this refusal.

From a feminine point of view, a man whose reaction is alike is probably selfish and will not care about her needs or her comfort and could be even a dangerous person. So if you do not want her to think that your are like this man, do not act a such.

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sex fan fiction

Sex by fan fiction

Article published on March 7th 2016

Thanks to high technology development and the practice of fan fiction, that is fans writings, narratives inspired by diverse media products of mass (television series, movies, novels or mangas), fan fiction acquired an important visibility.

What is fascinating in this universe, it is the way it says a lot about our world and its obsessing topics. And, let's go straight to the point, what obsesses our world, it is sex. We do not need to go further to realize that 95 % of fan fictions get organized around love relationship between the characters, even when the ancient universe was hardly ready. Let us say that fan fiction fits into the silence, offers alternative universes, and that whatever are the stakes, eroticism governs the world.

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