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Hard-core, gayporn

Article published on March 30th 2016

I spent my usual two hours getting ready to go to the bars. Assuring everything was right. I always tried to dress as much like a tramp as I could. Paying special attention to my cock and ass, so people could see what I had to offer. My cock when hard was nine and a half inches and as thick as a stick of pepperoni. My balls were large and hung nicely full of cum for my victim that night. My ass is well rounded and firm. The kind of ass that gets men hard just by watching it walk by them. Then they try all night to get me to go home with them so they can fuck it. I might dress like a tramp, but the most anyone gets from me is my big dick up their asshole! I haven't yet found a man, man enough to take my ass! Ever since I stumbled upon my fantasy I haven't been able to let anyone fuck me until I make it happen. This night I was unusually horny. As I was getting ready to go I noticed two of the guys who live across from me walking to the pool...

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Pussy or pussies

Article published on April 4th 2016

In the women's locker room, Sandy and Wendy dried off, and got ready to get dressed. Sandy was 5'10", blonde, with a well-built body and breasts with light pink nipples. Wendy was 5'6", with tan skin, light brown nipples, and with a smooth, shaved crotch. Both were very shapely women, but Sandy seemed to loom over Wendy, and as Wendy said to Sandy many times, she could probably take much bigger cocks than Wendy.. Sandy admired Wendy as they took off their bikinis. But that was only momentarily. She caught herself looking at Wendy's body from behind, and then went on with her own business. Wendy never did mind coming in from the pool, taking off her bikini, exposing her body, drying off, and getting into fresh, dry clothes, in front of Sandy. Sandy was the one who would rather change clothes elsewhere, mostly because her heart seemed to beat faster when she saw Wendy's naked body. "Whoops."

Wendy gasped. "I forgot; my bag tore yesterday.."

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Article published on April 1st 2016

Suzanna was a secretary in Chicago, Illinois. By all appearances she was a quiet Midwestern girl who worked hard. She was a good worker during the day, but at night she became a royal terror in her flat near Watertower Place in the Loop. Some of her friends did coke, others smoked grass. She had a physical craving for cum; semen; jizz.

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Muff to muff - lesbian bondage

Article published on April 3th 2016

I'm involved in the most passionate affair of my life. It takes place every day at lunch. You see, my lover and I work together at the same company and each day, we go over to her apartment for lunch. Instead of eating lunch though, we make love. I can't think of anything I like more than her tasty pussy or her luscious tits.

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