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Definition and origin of the word hipster

Article published on March 10th 2016

"Hipster" is an Anglo-American term appeared in the 1940s and originally meant jazz lovers and especially bebop : the first hipsters were generally white youth who adopted the dress code and attending African American musicians. Since the early 2000s, "hipster" qualifies cultural habits related to consumption, a style of dress, fashion, habits, or, more rarely, a real attitude shifted and transgressive.

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laughing out loud

Meaning and origin of the expression : "laughing out loud"

Article published on March 10th 2016

The expression "laughing out loud" means to laugh intensely as its name indicates. We say it after a very funny thing. It originates from the fact that it is possible to laugh so loud that we could even say we could die of a very longlasting laugh. This cause of death even dates back to ancient Greece.

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series Glee

Actors from the series Glee were affected by 5 scandals, is it a curse ?

Article published on March 10th 2016

Some series seem to have been born under an unlucky star. Nine months after its ultimate episode, it is definitively the case of Glee. Deaths, polemic, arrests went around scandals !

GQ magazine front-page of October 2010 edition

The issue of the American magazine CQ in its October 2010 edition is the first scandal which marked the series. We discovered Lea Michele, Corey Monteith and Dianna Agron, posing quite suggestively, in break with the prudish tone of the series. For some fans of the show, it was a sad end. The beginning of a bad buzz !

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Smileys to young

Smileys to young people's everyday life

Article published on March 10th 2016

We speak about emoticons more and more, it has become very trendy, mostly for the young generation. The use of smileys or emoticons is nowadays very wide-spread. It is even a world phenomenon. Every forum has its common sets of smileys or emoticons. The same with the programs of instant messaging as MSN Messenger, YIM, AIM, ICQ and any others. Special programs have been developed to insert easily these whimsy emoticons in emails. It is almost an entire industry. The use of emoticons is used to signal ironically in a note, so that the recipient will not think of it as verbal attack. Emoticons replaces then facial expressions and intonations that might seem to be offending orally. It has then become a language of almost everyone, young people, teenagers and young adults.

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