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Fit nicely

How to choose clothes that fit you like a glove?

Article published on March 07th 2016

Refers to a dress that fits exactly the person who wear it. A beautiful shirt ( ironed of course ) that suits your silhouette, pants that makes you nor wiry legs nor rugby posts deserve this praise

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Smokey eyes

Some tips and tricks to make a good Smokey eyes

step by step

Article published on March 07th 2016

For an intense and enchanting look in the evening, slimk of the smokey eyes. This eye make-up gives a very glamorous smokey effect if only it is done properly. We explain you how to make it successful in five steps and we give you besides some advice and some tips and tricks.

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Article published on March 07th 2016

Epilation: a very feminine obsession. Razor, wax, depilatory cream, permanent epilation, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) ... Discover all the methods and tricks to declare war to the hair and have skin soft as silk!
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Be slim and beautiful without a diet

advises and some slimming methods

Article published on March 07th 2016

"You are so slim and so beautiful", all the women dream to hear this sentence at least once in their life. There are many ways to lose weight quickly, so much that it is sometimes difficult to achieve the goals. But to be beautiful and slim is at first a question of appreciation and self-esteem. Nevertheless, here are some advice and slimming methods.
The key: balanced feeding and perfect hydration...

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