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capital gain

Making capital gain: Investing rules

Article published on March 10th 2016

I believe that individual investors have a distinct advantage over Wall Street and large money managers, freedom and reactivity. Individual investors, have more flexibility in following a basic approach because they are unencumbered by bureaucratic rules and short-term performance concerns. Here is the way of achieving an outcome which is superior to many traders.

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Save money to the everyday life

Article published on March 10th 2016

Saving money has always been a major problem in our every day life, because we could easily spend money without knowing how. However, in order to solve that problem, we just need some discounts, here and there. Here are some easy tips to give you an idea on how to save money.

1- Save up on essence

It is very important to make a to-do list to plan effectively the day. That can also help as a reminder, to avoid forgetting things to be done and to avoid making useless expenses such as doing a back and forth, thus not saving travel expenses. Chose to stay at home as soon as possible, because you make less expenses when staying at home. If you really have to go out, see if you can walk. Use the car only when necessary to save up on essence.

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Become quickly rich, without making too much effort

Article published on March 10th 2016

It seems that becoming millionaire would be a lot of work. There should be means to earn a lot of money without having to work very hard, twenty-four hours a day. Here are nine tips and tricks to become rich.

Let Internet do your job

You can buy your own domain name, and if you have enough skills to design web pages, develop your own site. Companies will pay you when you put their ads on your site. This is also a right way to start an on-line business. It is not maybe the fastest way to earn money, but it could work in the long term.

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In what cases your capital gain on property is tax-free ?

Article published on March 10th 2016

It is possible to escape from tax on capital gain, if you are in one of the cases of exemption from capital gain.

The most known case is the sale of the main residence, nevertheless there are many others. According to the duration of detention of the good, its price, or still the situation of the seller, here are some hypotheses which could allow you to be exempt from tax on capital gain.

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